Making an attempt to return to blogging!

It’s been about 5 months since I wrote my last blog post and I never planned to take such a long break. Sometimes, though, different parts of your life throw you off-balance; that’s what happened to me. I realize that sounds dramatic, but it really wasn’t. I just stepped up at work to help out in a few different areas that ended up to demand more of my weekly schedule, which affected how much job searching and reading time I had and the free time after that I wanted to spend writing instead of sleeping. Let’s be real: I like my sleep. Sometimes I go to bed before it’s dark so I can get 10 hours or more of sleep.

Positive things that came out of my blogging break:

  • I went on another interview. (Yeah, just one. Out of, at this point, about 100 applications I’ve sent out.)
  • I started running again — and am LOVING it. Every time I’ve tried to stay a “runner” it hasn’t happened. I used to do it in 3-month spurts, 3 days a week or so — it never lasted any longer. This time around, I’m using running as a de-stress tool alongside yoga. It’s only been happening once or twice a week since the beginning of March, but I’m still enjoying it.
  • I’ve been reading books that I’ve had strong desires to read, not just books from my to-read or TBR lists. A lot of re-reads so I am up-to-date when it comes to the most recent series releases I still haven’t yet read. (Like right now I’m working on The Young Elites before delving into The Rose Society, I want to re-read Undertow, A Court of Thorns and Roses, and the first two books in Kelley Armstrong’s Cainsville series before moving onto the newest ones I haven’t gotten to yet.)
  • I’ve been working on the big books on my shelves, little by little. House of Leaves is a journey.

I can’t promise that I’ll be super good at the blogging thing now, but as long as I want to do it, I will!

Flights of Fantasy: Check-in (2)


Flights of Fantasy reading challenge is hosted by Alexa Loves Books and Hello, Chelly.

End of January, beginning of February! Is it just me, or does time pass much more quickly once you’re finished with school? At any rate, let’s check in….

In January, I read a total of 10 books, only 4 of which had mainly fantasy elements (I still get confused as to whether or not dystopians and sci-fis are technically fantasy, so I won’t count those).

  • Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
  • Nightmares! by Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller
  • Of Beast and Beauty by Stacey Jay
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J. K. Rowling [re-read]

Considering I should average between 3 and 4 fantasies a month to meet my goal of 40 fantasies this year, I guess I’m on track so far! And a sidenote: I do tend to re-read the Harry Potters once or twice a year. I just happen to be in the middle of a re-read, since reading the illustrated edition at the end of 2015.

Officially joining the #RockMyTBR challenge!

I’ve already mentioned that I own so too many books that I haven’t yet read, so I’m joining in The YA Book Traveler‘s challenge to read at least 1 book a month that I already own. I’m actually going to up that number to 5. I want to read at least 5 books from my TBR stacks every month! More likely than not, this will also tie back into my Flights of Fantasy challenge.

So far in January, I have read 3 books from my TBR list: Six of CrowsNightmares!, and on Friday I finished Of Beast and Beauty. A nice trend I’ve started that I hope to keep up with (she says as she makes her way through a library book).

Flights of Fantasy: Check-in (1)


As the first full week of the new year comes to a close, I want to post an update about how my first #FlightsofFantasy challenge is going so far! And would you guess what? I’ve already made some decent headway.

Since January 1st, I’ve…

  • Finished Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. Thanks to an abundant amount of airport and plane time, I finished this on the first. Review to come shortly! It’s in my review queue.
  • Finished Nightmares! by Jason Segal and Kirsten Miller, an easy yet fun middle grade read. Also in my review queue.
  • Currently, I’m reading Of Beast and Beauty by Stacey Jay, a Beauty and the Beast retelling. So far, I’m half-finished and there are times when I really like it and others when I’m feeling overly ambivalent.

I’m almost in the mood for a break from fantasy, which happens rarely. Either that, or I need some really well-written adult fantasy. Six of Crows made me tear up a little, but it’s been so long since I’ve come across a book that has made me feel every single emotion — and that’s the tell that I’ve found a new favorite!

Total progress so far: 2/40 fantasy books complete

Flights of Fantasy reading challenge!

Hey all! In keeping with my desire to blog more and read more this year, I’ve decided to join in Hello Chelly‘s and Alexa Loves Books‘ Flights of Fantasy reading challenge, my first reading challenge ever. Since starting Harry Potter around first grade, I’ve loved fantasy books and have roughly 33 books on my TBR shelves that are fantasy (out of 74 total books on my TBR shelves). And that doesn’t even include some big names in fantasy, like Juliet Marillier or Robin McKinley, both of which I want to try as well this year.

Accounting for some of my TBR fantasies as well as some I’ll inevitably get from the library and buy this year, I hereby goal myself at a healthy 40 fantasy books to read this year. I don’t yet want to commit to joining the Flights of Fantasy book club as well, but I might try to work in some of those here and there.

Stick around, and I just might keep you posted on my progress!

Happy New Year!

Happy holidays and a happy new year to you all! I don’t normally do resolutions so I will state this is a GOAL instead: I want to blog more regularly in 2016! 2015 got me off to a decent start but I definitely lost track as the year progressed. New year, clean (blogging) slate! I can do it!

2015 in Books

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 7.09.57 PM

A few months into the year, I decided to go the “One Book Challenge” route: I was in such a reading slump that the pressure from my Goodreads goal (initially 130, I think) was driving me into a deep, dark pit of reading unhappiness. The one book challenge that several other bloggers inspired me to do was a way of taking the pressure off and reading for the love of it, not for the numbers. While I didn’t hit 130 books this year, or even 100, it’s still a success because I DNFd more books and found more books that I am so enamored with. (DNFing is a magical thing.) I’ve also grown pickier with my ratings — definitely a good thing! — and have less 5-star more 2-, 3-, and 4-star than past years.

You can find all the books I read both on my Goodreads and here on my blog.

In 2016….

Somehow, some way I really need to cut the number of books on my TBR shelves in half, at least. My TBR list is over 2 pages of 8.5×11 college-ruled Moleskine notebook paper. That’s insane. The largest it’s ever been.

Here’s to reading more and BLOGGING more in 2016!

Wait….why haven’t I been blogging?

I thought I felt a comeback coming on, but then I went and blew it. Not really on purpose, but the desire to blog just…slipped away again. I don’t feel particularly stressed, yet I’m always doing something and paying no desire to that voice at the back of my head saying “YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO TALK TO NO ONE IN PARTICULAR and everyone at once ABOUT BOOKS”. Also…I don’t entirely know what I want to write about half the time I feel like actually blogging???